Merbau Decking - Everything You Need to Know (2023)

When it comes to Merbau timber or Merbau wood, you will have many questions in mind, and we are here to answer most of your questions.

So, let’s start.

What is merbau timber (or kwila) and where does merbau timber grow and where does merbau wood come from?

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140mm Merbau Decking Timber

Merbau or additionally referred to as Kwila or Pacific Kwila is a tropical timber.

MERBAU wood is a beautiful, warm, reddish-brown in colour and a gorgeous, natural colour variation, it is perfect for bringing depth and warmth to any setting.

Merbau timber is of course oily with a high tannic acid content, creating it extremely sturdy and immune to weathering, decay and termites.

Its look may be a deep brownness with occasional flecks of yellow that enhance its visual charm.

Merbau’s quality as a weather-resistant outside feature wood in recent years has seen it being employed in everything from decking to fencing.

It naturally grows in varied regions throughout the South East Pacific rim, Papua island, Philippines, king Islands and Fiji.

Merbau species can grow up to 40 metres in height, with a 0.6 metre trunk diameter. The bushy tree, with distinctive local names, will often form a spreading canopy.

Is Merbau timber sustainable?

If we're talking about Merbau decking timber sustainability, then we have to say it's not.

As a building material, Merbau is a contentious option, as its development is not sustainable.

In reality, estimates warn that the tree will be extinguished within the next 35-40 years at the present logging pace.

A main factor in this is the lengthy maturity rate of the tree, about 75-80 years, and even in wealthy woodlands with merbau, individual trees are scarce and difficult to get through.

Therefore, logging merbau without harming the surrounding area is very hard.

However, this does not pose a issue for accessibility; in the Australian marketplace merbau timber is still readily available.

Forest Management

At ligneum we strive to import exotic hardwoods of the greatest quality from Indonesia. When we buy our hardwood, we are highly careful about local forest management procedures and the sustainable forest techniques implemented.

We take pride in importing only the best Merbau. This guarantees that our hardwoods are managed sustainably and legally harvested. So you only have the highest quality outdoor hardwoods available.

Our main responsibility is to work hand in hand with our suppliers to ensure the safety of their complex ecosystem while providing a continuous product flow.

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Natural regeneration is an important factor in the continuing growth of Indonesian rainforests. They are constantly finding creative ways to monitor and protect their rainforests.

There are numerous associated organizations to help achieve the greatest standards and guidelines for sustainable forest practice.

All of our MERBAU hardwood is 100% accredited Indonesian hardwood, which is licensed by and globally for sustainable management.

SVLK (Sistem Verificasi Legalitas Kayu) is the acronym of Indonesia's domestic timber legality assurance scheme, a compulsory legality and sustainability certification scheme based on domestic consensus among multi-stakeholders.

SVLK assures our suppliers and clients that all our wood products from Indonesia are legally harvested wood products.

Now, you might want to know how merbau decking is being manufactured?

There are three main steps involved in the production of merbau timber decking.

1. SAWMILL -A lumber cutting plant is either a sawmill or a lumber mill. Modern sawmills, based on standard or custom dimensions, use a motorized saw to cut logs lengthwise to produce lengthy and cross-to-long parts.

2. KILN DRY – Kiln drying is a standard practice in wood production facilities and is used to efficiently decrease green lumber moisture to "workable" range levels — moisture content that will not end in the variety of problems that may be caused by excess moisture concentrations in wood. We make sure that we bring kiln dried merbau timber decking.

Why is it important kiln dry timber?

"Wet" or green wood doesn't function well for anything from campfires to building equipment. His effectiveness as a green lumber can be unpredictable due to the inevitable loss of moisture after the living tree is felled. As it dries, wood can twist, crack, warp, and shrink in its physical size, making it less than ideal for building, flooring, or woodworking.

3. Cutting & Moulding – This is the final step. This is the way timber decking is shaped. A decorative function will be added and the final shape will be given prior to packaging.

Watch a brief Step-by-step Merbau Timber Decking Manufacturing Process video.

It’s good to have some knowledge about Merbau wood properties.

Technical Information:

Botanical Name : Intsia

Origin : South East Asia

Density : 830 kg/m3

Colour: Yellowish-brown or orange-brown when first cut, turning darker with age to brown or deep reddish brown

Durability: Durable Class 1

Texture : Coarse, with a moderate natural luster

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Termite Resistance (AS3660): Yes

Be careful when you build a timber deck in a Bushfire-Prone area. Merbau wood is naturally resistant to bushfires.

Working Properties:

• Sawing is difficult as wood clogs saw teeth and dulls cutting edges.

• Nailing: Good holding ability.

• Good bending qualities.

What are the characteristics of Merbau hardwoods?

Beautiful, warm, reddish brown color with gold colored flecks and a magnificent natural variation of color.

Extremely stable and known to be one of the most durable and surface checking resistant hardwoods and excellent choice for decks built closer to the ground. Excellent value compared to similar hardwoods, recycled plastic decking, plastic decking,metal deck and composite decking prices.

Low maintenance, simply allow to weather silver patina colour or clean, wash, oil to bring back the decks natural beauty and warmth.

Reliable for low maintenance, durability and longevity.

Naturally resistant, even in extreme settings, to decay, insects and mold.

Proven performer for decades in most demanding applications.

Why people choose Merbau decking timber or if you are living in Melbourne then you might ask Why Merbau wood is so popular for Timber Decking in Melbourne?

There are many advantages of Merbau Timber and that is merbau timber is the best decking timber in the market.

  • Bushfire resistant

  • Naturally weather and termite resistant.

  • Durable and sturdy, looking good for years.

  • Appearance

  • Workability

Decking specialists and carpenters choose merbau wood for a multitude of reasons ; the primary reasons are its distinctive beauty, resilience relative to other timber coverings, and the range of merbau timber uses, together with its relatively elevated termites and weathering resistance.


  • Environmental impact. Unfortunately, few checks are in place to safeguard this species or the forests in which it grows. Make sure you buy from the responsible supplier. We have SVLK certificate to assures our suppliers and clients.

  • MERBAU Timber contains tanning which can "bleed" from the timber when you install. Please make sure to wash away any leaked tannin with water immediately to avoid staining. it comes with a high price tag, but at the same time it is the best decking wood on the market.

If you lay merbau decking boards, why should you select fixed lengths?

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Choosing SET lengths in Merbau Timber Decking has many advantages.

  • Minimum wastage

  • No joints in the deck

  • Quick Installation

  • Decking without any joint will look lovely

Now, you will have to plan your decking. Check our blog here.

Once you've decided on your decking size and design, you'll need to work out how many deck boards you’ll need to complete your project.

Decking Calculator can be found on our website.

Deck Installation

In a comparatively short time, a deck can turn an indoor area into a versatile living room. It is a excellent way to extend fun room by adding a deck to your home. Your fresh deck starts here with some instruments, wood and an additional set of hands.

How to lay merbau decking boards?

Installation Steps:

  • Planning & Measuring

  • Laying Your Deck Bearer

  • Assemble the Frame

  • Laying The Decking

Watch How To Build Deck - DIY Online Tutorial - Video or check our our blog for installation steps and required decking material.

When to oil new Merbau Decking?

There are two primary steps you need to take when you've invested in a new deck before coating the timber, which will help enhance its lifespan over the long term.

The first step is weathering, that involves exposing the timber to rain, sunshine and everything middle.

The aim of weathering is to assist take away the tannins and oils from the surface of latest timber.

If not properly far from the surface, Tannins will cause the timber’s look to seem uneven and discolored once coated.

(Video) Preparing and staining hardwood merbau decking timber

If your deck is cloak-and-dagger, take care to hose it down frequently to copy a number of the consequences of natural weathering.

How to oil a deck

You will want a tin of the merbau decking oil you would prefer to use. You can easily find decking oil for merbau at bunnings merbau decking oil aisle. There are many brands like Cabots Natural Decking Oil, Intergrain Decking Oil etc. You can also find merbau decking stain in bunnings merbau oil section.

You will also need a decking brush and pole extension, a paint receptacle and a rag with some turps to scrub up any messes or spills. make sure the oil has been completely stirred before application, as you would like to create positive the pigment has been properly mixed in.

The idea is to run as way on one board as you'll while not touching any of the opposite boards. only if you’ve finished one row must you begin to maneuver on across the deck.

Applicators ought to be ready to cowl four boards at a time, therefore you'll do that however you may got to focus on coating every board equally.

Long, continuous strokes with sufficient decking oil merbau to soak into the merbau wood can offer you the most effective results.

If this can be your 1st time then check the decking oil on an offcut to visualize what proportion oil to use to soak into the wood, and to induce a concept of however long it takes to dry.

The directions on the tin ought to offer you a sign of drying time and once to use the second coat.

Use less oil within the second coat than the primary, because the wood won't absorb the maximum amount of it and it's going to pool on the surface and become sticky.

Use a rag with turps to scrub up any marks or spills; the turps thins out the oil.

Now it’s time to enjoy your new outdoor living space.

That’s all you need to know about MERBAU DECKING.

With your back door, your home doesn't end — it expands to your backyard. So, keeping the outside of your home as you do the inside is essential.

There are a few tasks you can do to enjoy living outdoors at its best.

You will need some information about merbau decking stain and merbau decking maintenance but this knowledge base is going to be covered in a separate blog.

In our blog section, we will cover topics related to merbau decking and much more in detail.

Quality Merbau Available in Melbourne

At Ligneum, we supply the highest quality Merbau at the lowest prices. Our Merbau is always ethically and sustainably sourced.

If you would like more information, please contact us today.

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