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Make sure to remove old mod files before installation!

✔️ Compatible with the 1.99.264 (July 18th) game patch.

  • Added sex context tags to all SexyLunella sex animations
Thanks to YourFalseHope for tagging all of the animations!
  • Fixed needs decay during sex not respecting reward traits
  • Improved sex animations events synchronization
  • Lowered Suggestive Look occurrence chance
  • Fixed random tops appearing on Sims with altered body frame
  • Fixed modifying underwear sets not working
  • Fixed flashing in full body outfits failing to undress Sims
  • Fixed Admiring Your Body at mirrors not respecting privacy settings
  • Fixed phone interactions sometimes missing on new Sims
  • Fixed an occasional inventory error with CC items
  • Made outdated release warning inform about subsequent updates

🔹 Game patch 1.99.264 (July 18th) or newer is required.

  • Fixed Sims acquiring occults from sex with occult Sims
Oopsy, there was an issue with Sims acquiring occults (werewolf, vampire, etc.) when having sex with other Sims that are occult Sims. This would cause your Sim to potentially become an occult Sim when you didn't want it.

If you suspect any Sim got affected by this, use the ww.remove_invalid_occult_stats command. This command will check every Sim in your save and remove core occult motives from Sims that shouldn't be occult. If a Sim already turned into an occult Sim, the easiest way is to use MCCC to make them human again.

  • 👅 Reimplemented tongues to use the original system
  • Added 7 new tongue color variants (Body Selector)
That's right! The newest game patch blessed us with changes that allowed to bring back the old tongue system. The tongue will no longer float, is compatible with all height sliders, it will never appear in the first person view, and is once again compatible with old tongue alternatives.

Thanks to Khlas, Noir, and thepancake1 for continuous help with tongues!

  • Fixed suggestive looks happening between incompatible Sims
  • Added 'BED_ROLL' sex location category
  • Added Horse Ranch expansion pack compatibility


  • Added compatibility for the 1.99.264 (July 18th) game patch


  • Added an option to 'Create Playlist' when adding animations to playlists during sex
You no longer have to open playlist settings to create new playlists. The option to do it is now easily accessible in the same menu you add animations to playlists during sex.
  • Added 'Hide Prop' option to props used in sex
  • Made positioning reset when moving sex location
  • Fixed animation and sex progress bars desync when switching Sims

Sex Animations

  • Tongues will no longer appear in sex animations that don't use it
  • Animation actor variable 'animation_has_visible_tongue' is now disabled by default
Here's something that should help with your First Person Perspective experience.
Backward compatibility with tongues required enabling them for all animations, as there was no way to check ahead of time if an animation used tongues. To correct this and avoid issues in the future, I have scanned all existing animations and updated override files to mark which animations use tongues. Now all animations by default don't use tongues and any new sex animation has to enable tongues in their configuration.
  • Added sex context tags to all Azmodan22 sex animations
Thanks to YourFalseHope for tagging all of the animations!


  • Added 'Dress Up After Flashing' nudity undressing behavior setting
I don't know why I made Sims stay undressed after flashing, that just defeats the idea of flashing... so now Sims will dress up afterward by default.
  • Made nudity reactions timeout after a few seconds and turn into a thought balloon reaction
Reactions to nudity can happen a little too frequently and then get stuck in the action queue. If a Sim fails to fully react within a few seconds, they will instead display a thought balloon reaction without interrupting their current tasks.
  • Fixed Sims dressing up inconsistency after peeing or breastfeeding


  • Added a diamond symbol (◈) to altered settings
All settings will now display a diamond symbol if the setting is different than its default state. This should allow you to easily review which settings have been altered and verify if that's how you want them to be.

Update - WickedWhims v176h (1)

  • Improved performance and responsiveness on slower computers
I got an older laptop out and did some tests to identify the slowest components of the mod. You should feel the biggest improvement in responsiveness when clicking on objects. The overall performance should be better too.
  • Improved outfit undressing for better compatibility with other mods
  • Fixed a rare inventory corruption after using items
  • Reverted default female Sim body bottom update
After some more playtesting with the updated body, I noticed some issues that need to be fixed.
  • Fixed the 'Way Too Welcome' moodlet appearing when reacting to Sims having sex outside of the lot
  • Fixed Body Selector always displaying an explanation message
  • Fixed naked yoga not working as intended
  • Fixed the 'Pee Here' interaction appearing when nudity gameplay is disabled
  • Fixed Sims reacting to nudity/cum of dead Sims
  • Added tags to all custom objects for others mods to reference
  • Animations dumping command now includes next stage names
  • Fixed Sims dressing up after using toilet naked
  • Fixed some romance interactions being incorrectly available to Eternally Faithful Sims
  • Fixed age compatibility issues with the latest game patch
  • Fixed an error when attempting to do yoga


  • Added 'Prevent Early Climax Progression' sex progression setting
Enabled by default, this setting will prevent Sims going into a climax animation as soon as that's available. When Sims start a sex interaction, often a sequence of animations is picked that quickly leads to climax, which typically stops progression. With the 'Prevent Early Climax Progression' setting enabled, Sims will not progress into a climax animation until they had sex for at least 75% of the set duration.
  • Made time limited sex not end in the middle playing a climax animation
  • Improved 'Auto Dress Up After Sex' setting in Half State
The 'Auto Dress Up After Sex' set to Half State will now contextually decide if Sims should dress up after sex.In general, Sims that are outside of the lot, at work, performing important tasks at an event, or uncomfortable being naked will dress up after sex.
  • Added thought balloon only sex reaction for animations that are discreet
  • Added 'NO_REACTION' and 'LOW_REACTION' animation tags
  • Made all bathroom stalls animations automatically tagged with 'LOW_REACTION'
When a Sim encounters someone having sex inside a bathroom stall, instead of reacting with full force and interrupting their tasks, they will just have a thought balloon reaction. This kind of reaction is used when sex is heard, but not seen, so it doesn't cause jealousy either.
  • Fixed condoms not displaying on some Sims occults
  • Fixed strapon sometimes getting stuck on Sims after sex
  • Fixed cum not always getting applied after sex
  • Fixed unrestricted booty calls sex autonomy causing errors
  • Fixed changing sex party behavior not always appearing on clicked participants
  • Fixed an error when reloading the area with Sims watching TV porn
  • Fixed the installed animations counter displaying wrong information for strip club animations

Sex Animation Filter Tabs

  • Added Favorites, Recently Used, and Discover filter tabs to sex animation selectors
When starting sex, changing animation, changing location, joining, or leaving, all of the animation list menus will come with these new filter tabs. Besides being able to see all of the animations like usual, you can now display specific animations depending on what you're looking for.

The Favorites heart tab will only display your favorite animations. The Recently Used clock tab will only display the last 50 used animations by any Sim at any point. And the Discover compass tab is like the 'New' button, displaying only the animations you haven't tried yet.

Now, you might be thinking - wait a second, these are called categories. And yeah, these tabs are called categories, but to keep it distinct and not confuse it with sex categories, I am calling them "filter tabs" because they filter what you get to see.

Update - WickedWhims v176h (2)

Sex Playlist

  • Added 'Autonomy Available' and 'Randomly Available' behaviors
Playlists can now be automatically used when choosing the Random option to start sex or when Sims begin autonomous sex. When multiple playlists are available, one is chosen randomly with a bias toward the number of available animations.

After enabling 'Autonomy Available Behavior' on a playlist, that playlist can then be randomly used by Sims that autonomously started sex.

Similarly, after enabling 'Randomly Available Behavior' on a playlist, that playlist will then be prioritized when using the Sex->Random interaction or Make a Move social interaction to start sex.

Update - WickedWhims v176h (3)

  • Added ability to reorder playlists
Do you like making a lot of playlists? Annoyed that you can't organize them in the order you want? Now you can! Open the playlist you want to reorder on the list of playlists and click the reorder playlist button to reorder this playlist on the list of playlists so the playlist is in the order that you want it on the list of playlists. Got it?

Oh, and the button to reorder animations in a playlist is now called "Reorder Animations in Playlist".

Update - WickedWhims v176h (4)

  • Fixed active playlist not persisting when Sims join in sex

Sex Autonomy

  • Made sex autonomy Sims scoring acknowledge relationship preferences
  • Added 'Equal Always Accept Relationship Scoring' Sex Autonomy Specifics setting
If you play the game with Always Accept cheat enabled and Sex Autonomy enabled, the way Sims pair up for sex is fully random. This results in pairs of Sims that have nothing in common initiating sex which can be strange. To fix this, Sims now acknowledge their relationship and sexual preferences even when Always Accept is on, without limiting who can have sex with who. But if you rather have total randomness, just enable the 'Equal Always Accept Relationship Scoring' setting.

Sex Object Always Accept

  • Added 'Mark Object as Always Accept' Sex Control interaction
Marking an Object as Always Accept allows any combination of Sims to use that object regardless of relationship or preference limitations. Starting sex, joining sex, or leaving sex is performed whenever with whoever, but other aspects like cheating still apply.
Update - WickedWhims v176h (5)

Sex Animation Overriding - Name

  • Added 'Modify Currently Playing Animation Name' debug interaction
Although bad names for animations aren't very common, some can be impossible to decipher unless played. To help with this, you can now Shift+Click on Sims when they are playing an animation to rename it so you know what it is in the future.
Update - WickedWhims v176h (6)


  • Added 'Hyperfertile' Wicked Attribute (trait)
To keep things fair, the Hypofertile attribute now has a counterpart which is the Hyperfertile attribute. As one might expect, it increases the chances of getting pregnant or impregnating by a lot. But that's what the Fertile trait does already too, so Hyperfertility additionally increases the menstrual cycle fertility window chances to be all equally high.

Update - WickedWhims v176h (7)

  • Added Quick Cycle, Extended Cycle, and Bleeding Control Wicked Attributes (traits)
If you're looking to adjust menstrual cycle behavior per Sim, these attributes should be useful. The Quick Cycle attribute makes a Sim use the Short cycle, the Extended Cycle makes a Sim use the Long cycle, and Bleeding Control removes the need for pads and tampons.

Update - WickedWhims v176h (8)

  • Added the ability for male+male anal pregnancy
That's right, this is no longer exclusive to alien anal probing. Male anal impregnation can happen if two male Sims are having anal sex and if one is capable of impregnating and the other is capable of getting pregnant. Pretty simple.

This behavior can be disabled with the 'Male Anal Pregnancy Switch' setting in Pregnancy Settings.

  • Added Pregnancy Potential after sex moodlet
Impregnation mechanics in WickedWhims can be a little bit confusing because it all happens behind the scenes. This new moodlet is meant to inform you that the Sim can potentially be pregnant, which prompts you to take a pregnancy test and find out.

Alternatively, if you don't know about this, Sims don't get immediately pregnant after sex. While this moodlet is active, you can continue having sex which can cause pregnancy with other partners which will make it harder to know who is the daddy of the child.

Update - WickedWhims v176h (9)


  • Improved Body Selector
  • Updated default female Sim body bottom to fix some clipping issues
Thanks to Noir for updating the body model!
  • Improved social interactions writing and responsiveness
  • Fixed pubic hair being available to servo Sims
  • Added 'Change Into Work Outfit' interaction
  • Fixed Sims not dressing up back to their career outfit when at work
If you ever initiated sex with Sims that are at work, once you're done, they might come back to work, but not in their work uniform. This can be especially annoying with your playable Sims. Not only Sims will now use their career uniform after sex, but you can change into it at any time when at work.
  • Fixed Sims undressing inconstancy when performing nudity-allowed interactions
Ever told a Sim to do a task, which makes them undress to nude, but then they change outfit to the appropriate one anyway instead of staying nude? This shouldn't be happening so often anymore.


  • Reimplemented exhibitionism flashing
  • Added flashing reaction moodlets
Flashing Sims is quite an old feature with a somewhat outdated and stiff implementation that simply didn't work so well. The new smoother approach comes with improved reactions and can even initiate sex.

Update - WickedWhims v176h (10)

Window Peeping

  • Disabling Window Peeping will now delete premade peeping Sims from your world


  • Fixed Loyal+Polyamorous Sims feeling guilt from multiple relationships
  • Fixed Sims feeling strong desire right after having sex


  • Fixed Attractiveness preferences not developing on new Sims with CAS Attractiveness Likes & Dislikes

Wicked Notebook

  • Added 'First Time' Sex Act Wicked Memory
If a Sim is having penetrative sex (or any for female pairs) for the first time in their lifetime, they will be marked with 'First Time' in the Wicked Notebook.
Update - WickedWhims v176h (11)

Lewd Dreams

  • Added 'Tell About Lewd Dream' social interaction
Which is mostly just a romance interaction to let you play into the idea of lewd dreams. It's only available on Sims that your Sim dreamed of recently.

Wicked Attributes

  • Added categories to all Wicked Attributes menus
The growing number of attributes can make managing them a little annoying, especially when there are a lot of very insignificant ones to pick from. Now every attribute appears in fitting categories so you can easily find what you want.

Update - WickedWhims v176h (12)

  • Adding Wicked Attributes now displays reasons for disabled entries
Sometimes it's difficult to tell why certain attributes are not selectable, as some come with special rules. The new tooltips will let you know if there's a conflict or if the attribute is not available.
Update - WickedWhims v176h (13)


  • Improved some settings names and descriptions accuracy
  • Moved some settings and settings categories for better visibility
I would list all of the changes to settings names and locations, but honestly, I think the changes should speak for themselves, especially because they are pretty subtle. Although you might be used to how settings are organized, if they got moved, they should be easier to find in more appropriate and logical sections with clearer names.
  • Added 'Keep Sleepwear Outdoors Switch' Undressing Behavior setting
Don't like your Sims keeping their sleepwear outfit on when going outdoors? Just disable this setting located in Nudity Settings -> Undressing -> Behavior.
  • Fixed the 'Disable Features of Current Settings Profile' option not working


  • Added preliminary support for potential Nonbinary CAS selection
A nonbinary selection for Sims is not a feature of the game, it might never be a feature, but I'm suspecting it could become one eventually. A lot of WickedWhims functionality depends on gender recognition so I took some steps to prepare. I'm talking about this specifically so you're aware of why some features might behave differently based on gender recognition.

Although I can't change everything without knowing how nonbinary Sims might work, a few things got adjusted. The most notable change is in regard to pubic hair selections, which are now based on genitalia, not CAS gender. This might result in your Sim pubic hair looking different.

  • Decreased file size of computer/TV porn videos
Thanks to Peco for providing better file format compression for the videos!
  • Fixed some interactions showing up when not actually available for use
  • Updated WickedWhims Secrets tutorial images

❗ Make sure to not save on the Manage Worlds screen. Due to a game inconsistency, saving the game on the Manage Worlds screen creates faulty save slots that cannot be properly recognized by mods. No worries though, in case you do it, correcting it is very simple and explained in-game.

If the tongue or penis is appearing floating/stretched/distorted (even when Sim is not having sex) then you need to delete incompatible/outdated mods affecting tongues and/or penises. Here's a list of known PACKAGE files causing issues:

  • Azmodan22_UpdatedRig.package
  • Denton47_Rigs.package
  • NANDONG_yfHeadDefault.package
  • NANDONG_ymHeadDefault.package
  • NANDONG_yfHead Default Replacement without EA Eyelash.package
  • NANDONG_ymHead Default Replacement without EA Eyelash.package
  • NANDONG_OverideSliderHeadJawMouthForTongueCompability.package
  • TongueDefaultFurryRerigLV.package


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