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Why does my dog follow me to the bathroom? If you have a furry friend in your life, you more than likely know how irritating it can be when your dog follows you everywhere, including to the bathroom! But why do dogs do this? Is there a particular reason as to why dogs like to follow around their owners, even to the bathroom? Experts have not come to an agreed-upon consensus as to why dogs emulate this behavior, but there are several probable causes related to why your furry friend follows you everywhere.

Is Breed a determining Factor?

Some dog breeds are known for following their owners around where ever they may go. If you have a breed that is known for herding or guarding cattle, you may have noticed that your dog likes to follow you around, everywhere! These herding breeds include Australian Shepherds, Border Collies, and Cattle dogs.

In addition to these breeds, there are also working breeds that are known for their protective instincts. Among these working breeds are the Boxer and Doberman Pinscher. They tend to stick close to their owner’s side to try and keep them away from potential danger. Lastly, Retriever breeds and Labrador breeds are known for following around their human counterparts due to their loyal nature. They are in need of consent attention, especially from the members of their family. While you may find this behavior to be annoying, it is a fundamental part of the dog’s pack mentality, it is the dog’s way of showing you that it loves you.

You Are The Dogs Family

As you know, puppies are taken away from their litter at a very young age and introduced to a new human family. Puppies usually forget about their “dog” mother and quickly form an inseparable bond with their human family. Your dog may see you as his new mother or family member and have the instinct to protect you from danger; often, dogs feel responsible for the safety of their powers, especially when they enter adulthood.

You are their only family Dogs move away from their litter at a very young age when they are puppies. Even so, the memory of the mother was erased some time ago. However, it has been shown that they do not forget so easily and perhaps that it is what tends to call out to you.

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Dogs are very social creatures and enjoy having your full and undivided attention at all times. Dogs that are left alone too often can develop signs of separation anxiety which can cause many unwanted behaviors. Your dog may not be happy if you decide to visit the bathroom without having him accompany you on your journey. In addition, you may notice that your dog remains at the door when you leave to go to work as he is waiting for your arrival back home. Dogs tend to become sad when they are left alone as they are pack animals and need constant attention. It is important to keep this in mind when bringing a dog into your home.

Your dog wants to protect you

When your dog follows you to the bathroom, it means that for him, you are part of his pack. He wants to do everything with you and protect you at all times. If you are in the shower or sitting on the toilet bowl, your furry understands that you are distracted and therefore more vulnerable to being attacked. Your protection is your dog’s priority in this situation because, in the pack, they protect each other.

Your dog believes that danger can be hiding around any corner. Therefore, he thinks that it is his duty to protect you from any possible danger, as you are the most important person in his life. Your dog may believe that the bathroom contains a hidden danger like every other room; when you enter that room, your dog thinks that you are walking into some type of danger, whether it be another person or animal, that it needs to protect you from.

Why Does My Dog Follow Me Into The Bathroom And Elsewhere? - Dog Information - Tips, Guides, Advice, Facts, Tricks (1)

Privacy? What’s that?

It doesn’t occur to your dog that being watched while you’re in the bathroom might be uncomfortable. Privacy or intimacy is something unknown to your furry companions. After all, you also watch him when he does his business. Have you ever seen a dog get embarrassed and not able to do his thing until you turn your back on him?

Having the bathroom door closed arouses the dog’s simple curiosity. Another reason your dog follows you to the bathroom for bathroom time may be due to his curiosity. He has likely observed several times how you disappear into the bathroom and close the door from the inside. Naturally, this piques his interest: what’s going on behind that door? What are you doing in there, and why are you forbidding him entry? Above all, if your dog is very attached to you and you usually take him everywhere (maybe even to the bedroom), it irritates him that you suddenly leave him out.

Why Does My Dog Follow Me Into The Bathroom And Elsewhere? - Dog Information - Tips, Guides, Advice, Facts, Tricks (2)
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Your dog loves you above all things

When your dog follows you everywhere at home, it means that he loves you above all else, that he wants to be with you and be able to protect and defend you at all times (not only guard dogs do this). So don’t be mad at him if he starts howling in front of the bathroom door or take it badly the next time he looks at you while you’re on the toilet. And don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that you always have to take your dog to the bathroom.

Dogs can learn to wait, even outside of the bathroom. Although your dog may not understand what it means to respect your privacy, he can learn to wait and lose sight of you for a moment. This refers to not only the bathroom but also the supermarket. A good basis for “waiting” training is that your dog has already mastered the basic commands (“sit,” “stay,” etc.).

Why Does My Dog Follow Me Into The Bathroom And Elsewhere? - Dog Information - Tips, Guides, Advice, Facts, Tricks (3)

As with the basic commands your dog has learned, waiting should be related to a specific signal such as the command “stay” or “wait.” Since dogs tend to pay more attention to gestures than words, it is necessary to accompany the command with a clear gesture, such as pointing the flat hand parallel to the ground towards the ground.

If your dog has never been alone and has not learned that it is normal for him not to see you for a while, you must be patient and exercise caution. Any dog can learn to wait, be it an adult or a puppy, even though it sometimes takes some time.

Seven tricks for your dog So He lets you go to the bathroom Alone

If your canine companion knows the command “wait” and heeds when you give the command outside the home, you can use it to make him wait outside the bathroom. If you are still not following the order safely, it is best to practice it before starting toilet training.

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To do this, first, pronounce the command sit and then the command wait, and then move away a few steps, but ensure that you can still be seen. Once he manages to stay still, reward him with his favorite tasty treat. Positive reinforcement is the fastest way for your dog to learn to listen to your commands and to wait.

When your dog has internalized this, you can use the following seven tricks so that he leaves you alone in the bathroom:

1.) Give your dog the order to wait in front of the bathroom door, enter, and close the door behind you for a moment. Get your dog used to waiting in front of the closed door little by little. Do not close the door for half an hour or more the first time. At first, stay only for a short time in the bathroom.

Why Does My Dog Follow Me Into The Bathroom And Elsewhere? - Dog Information - Tips, Guides, Advice, Facts, Tricks (4)

2.) If your dog is curious or has a great need to protect you, it is helpful if he goes to the bathroom for a moment before you go to use it to make sure that everything is okay. If he knows that you are alone in the bathroom, no one can enter, and that there is nothing dangerous, he can protect you from the outside.

3.) Always stay calm and show your dog that going to the bathroom alone is the most normal thing in the world.

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4.) If your dog howls or scratches on the bathroom door, go back outside, but ignore it. Do not try to reassure him with words because you have only gone to the bathroom for a moment. That will only reinforce his unwanted behavior.

5.) If your dog manages to wait quietly in front of the door, congratulate him when you leave by rewarding him with a treat. Little by little, you can increase the time you spend in the bathroom with the door closed.

6.) Another trick is to distract the dog in the hallway before going to the bathroom, but this only works with those furry that do not have a highly developed protective instinct. You can give him a dog toy or bone to keep him entertained while you use the bathroom.

7.) Take your dog’s needs seriously, that is, spend time with your faithful canine friend and see to it that he has enough entertainment and exercise. Although a busy dog will accept that from time to time, you need a moment just for yourself, you will see that with a little training and patience, your dog will learn that you prefer to be alone in the bathroom.

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